[SOLVED] [Windows XP x86, WhatPulse 2.6b5] Can't login too much on cpu.

Hi, I just installed whatpulse on one of my older laptops and I can’t login, at all.

As soon as I start the program and the login screen pops up the cpu usage shoots up to 100% and the program freezes.

I have winpcap installed through the whatpulse installation(Don’t know if this makes a difference for this problem, but should have it here I guess.)

Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/r07Ko9N.png

Try removing the WinPcap installation.

Thanks it works now!
Is there no way for me to track internet usage on this computer now? :confused:

There is, but it involves upgrading to a supported Windows version (both by Microsoft and WhatPulse). :wink:

Oh :confused:
Well as you can see in the screenshots I dont think that computer could handle that :c

Oh well its better than nothing I suppose :slight_smile: