[SOLVED] Whatpulse linux client removed?

I had installed Whatpulse 2.5 on Ubuntu 14.04 X64 few days ago and it was working with every computer start. But suddenly today when I started the computer, The Whatpulse icon didn’t appear on the top panel. I looked for Whatpulse on ‘/usr/share/applications’ and also ‘/usr/bin’ but It was not there.I opened the Terminal and entered ‘sudo apt-get install wh’, pressed Tab key twice to get autocomplete suggestion based on installed applicaions, But Whatpulse wasn’t there too.

The only thing that has been left is ‘/usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/30-whatpulse-touchpad-rules.conf’ file which I had added lines to count trackpad clicks:

      Section "InputClass"
          Identifier "whatpulse touchpad configuration"
          MatchIsTouchpad "on"
          Option "GrabEventDevice" "false"

What happened to Whatpulse? How is it removed by itself?

The Linux client doesn’t have an updater, nor can the client just up and decide to remove itself. It’s smart, but not that smart. :wink:

We don’t distribute the client in a package, but if you’re using apt-get to install it somehow, it might be possible you removed it as a dependancy of something else? I suggest looking at some audit logs.

If your data file is still there (http://whatpulse.org/kb/content/2/6/en/data-files.html), you can simply reinstall the client continue with the same data.

Ah, I’m getting something now. Where are the files of Whatpulse application located AFTER installation?

Could I remove those extracted files from compressed “whatpulse-linux-64bit-2.5.tar.gz” after installing Whatpulse by them? Or the app needs them for later runs? If the app needs them yet, I guess should place them in an appropriate place, then install Whatpulse by those files. While untill now I have extracted.gz archive in my ‘Downloads’ folder, and was installing Whatpluse from files right there, Then removed installation files in my ‘Downloads’ folder.

About data files, What does this mean? Where is it? :

  • 2.0: Todo

And thank to you now I know that all apps are installed, aren’t available through apt-get. (Apps which installed directly as Whatpulse)


[quote=“1geeky, post:3, topic:14176”]
Ah, I’m getting something now. Where are the files of Whatpulse application located AFTER installation? [/quote]

Where you leave them. “Installation” of the WhatPulse client on Linux is defined as unzipping the download file and running the client. There’s no installation wizard or anything, you might have noticed.

Yes my bad. Sorry I’m newbie.

So Where do you suggest to place them? I have installed it again. Should I re-install after moving files?
What happens to auto start-up on system boot then?

Also the location of

  • 2.0: Todo
    is sill vague to me.


[quote=“1geeky, post:5, topic:14176”]
So Where do you suggest to place them? I have installed it again. Should I re-install after moving files?[/quote]

Somewhere where you know where to find it. :wink: And like I said, there is no installation of the client, just placement and running it.

Depending on what OS you have, you might need to create a startup entry inside your system settings.

I’ve got no idea what you mean by this…If you’re talking about the KB article, you might need to refresh your browser cache or something, because it has a very old page.

Thanks for updating KB :slight_smile:

i suggest you make a subfolder in you home directory for whatpulse…

if you install it to /usr/bin you’ll always be messing around with changing userrights on the file; if you install it within a subdir of your homefolder you can always run it without having to sudo/gksudo first, changes will always be saved and updating is nothing more then just closing whatpulse and replacing the old binary with the new one.

that’s at least how i have done it, and it works like a charm!

Thanks bogy :slight_smile: the permission point was noteworthy.

Hi again,

About what you mentioned bogy, I had placed Whatpulse folder inside /opt (outside the home directory) and it’s running well, Also starts automatically with every system start. Maybe the ‘setup-input-permissions.sh’ script did the care of these things too?

sorry for the late reply …

but what i’ve done is making a folder /xtrasoft/Whatpulse in my homefolder (xtrasoft has more subfolder with programs that don’t have installers)

in /usr/bin i have just created a symlink to my whatpulse binary; so now it’s always runnable from anywhere on the system without having to complete the path and i can use autocomplete on it…

if u’re an ex-windows user; the easiest way to create a symlink is to browse to the binary, right click it and then chose “create link” or “send to → desktop (create link)” you’ll then see a new file; in most filemanagers it’ll be “whatpulse.lnk” or on your desktop you’ll see whatpulse with a little arrow. you can just copy this file to /usr/bin (you must use an elevated filemanager to do this)… and then you’re settled…
afterwards you’ll never have problems with updates of whatpulse; you just have to replace the files in your /whatpulse folder to which you don’t need root, so you’ll never end up with mismatched profiles because you need root for copying and the whatpulse file gets root as owner.
This happened to me when i initially installed whatpulse to /usr/bin and upgraded for the first time; my stats were gone and suddenly whatpulse wouldn’t start anymore… then i discovered that the new whatpulse had other user rights than the previous one; i decided that i didn’t want this hassle every time and came up with this solution of a link in /usr/bin and non-rooted whatpulse running from my homefolder

btw; you must look at whatpulse as a ‘portable’ application in windows; it doesn’t need installation to run; you can just run the executable and that’s all it needs to run…

Thanks Dear bogy,
I really appreciate your answer and the time you took to write the reply. I now understand what’s going on more accurate.