[SOLVED] Whatpulse is only detected shift keystrokes

Hey, I just downloaded whatpulse this afternoon and I decided to check it just now to find that it has only detected strokes from my right and left shift key. No other key except for those two.

Clicks seem to be working fine, 471 seems normal. But even after typing around ~400 characters here it says I have only made 51 keystrokes total.

I’m thinking perhaps this might have to do with the keyboard layout it shows for me under “Input”, which doesn’t exactly look like mine. No command key, and all the extras (page up, page down yada yada) that a macbook pro doesn’t have.

I’m using a mid 2009 macbook pro. I’m using the latest version of whatpulse. Whatpulse is allowed to access my computer under the privacy settings, so it’s not that.

Any advice/knowledge on this issue?

Actually, it also detected caps lock, control, and alt, I just hadn’t used them yet. But that’s it.

You need to go into Security & Privacy > Accessibility and check WhatPulse in the program list, then restart WhatPulse.

Ah thank you. I guess I assumed it hadn’t started when the message popped up telling me to do that.