[SOLVED] WhatPulse 2.5 won't run on OS X 10.6.8

WhatPulse 2.5 will not start on OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard (x64). There seems to be a missing library that Qt 5 needs. See attached crash logs for details.

As a side note, it would be nice if old versions were available from the downloads page in case upgrades go wrong like this. Listing the supported OS versions for each release couldn’t hurt either.

Supported operating systems are here: http://whatpulse.org/kb/content/2/60/en/supported-operating-systems.html

As you can see, 10.6 is not listed.

OK… What’s the last version I can run on my Snow Leopard machine, then?

Wow that’s an old machine!

Since it’s a MacBook2,1 you can run 10.7 on it as a max - anything later and the graphics won’t work (and Apple won’t let you…)

If this is your laptop I would suggest:

  • upgrading to OS X 10.7 - installers are available at the usual sources
  • upgrading to 2GB of RAM - all you should need to buy is a 1GB stick of laptop DDR2 – if you live in the UK I have a big box full of old 1GB DDR2 sticks - I would be happy to post one your way (being Christmas time and all!)
  • installing an SSD to replace the old 80GB HDD in it, you will be amazed at the performance boost.

I’m actually not sure what the last version is that would run on 10.6, but I think it might even be 1.x and not 2.x. Either way, I support classicmacintosh’s advice.