[SOLVED] Two computers, second won't pulse

Hi there,

I have a new computer, and as such I installed WhatPulse on the second machine too. I even made a new profile for it, and set WhatPulse on this machine to the second profile.

Problem is, it won’t pulse, as says:
“Wrong token, did you use this token on another computer?”

And the answer is no!
I even looked it up on the support page with FAQ’s, where it said to use two profiles, which I allready had done…

I’ve also rebooted my machine multiple times, so I guess that’s not the problem.

Anyone have a fix for this?

Are you sure you’re actually using two different computers on the client? Your desktop seems to have not pulsed at all. Token errors are most commonly seen when using the same computer profile on two different physical computers.

In any case, you’ll need to reset your token, which can be done from the Account tab. But, if you’re using the same computer profile, the token mismatch will popup on your other computer.

Hi Smitmartijn,

Yes, I am definitely sure! I just booted up my laptop (god it takes long without an SSD :stuck_out_tongue: ), and it says right there at the account tab:

Computer: Laptop

I just tried pulsing from the laptop, and it went without any problems. I refreshed the status on both systems, and they both show the exact same info, User Id, total keys/clicks/etc, everything. The only difference is the Computer name (which is the profile, I assume).

I have never set the laptop’s profile to something named ‘Desktop’, nor have I ever set the desktop’s profile to the existing ‘Laptop’: when I was configuring WP on my desktop, I saw only the old profile, and so i went and created a new profile, and when that was done, I went back and refreshed the WP client and chose the new profile…

Another weird thing: My WP client on the desktop shows:

Keys: 7.510 | Unpulsed keys: 7.328
Clicks: 2.466 | Unpulsed clicks: 1.997
Uptime: 21h 35m, 2 reboots | unpulsed: 7h 28m
Down: 10.9 GB | Unpulsed: 10.73 GB
Up: 3.69 GB | Unpulsed: 3.66 GB

This means that there has once been a pulse with a couple of clicks and keys…
Even though - as you say too - my Desktop has never been pulsed, as I can also see on the webpage…

Also, I probably could fix this by simply resetting the Token, but that would mean that I lose all of the above stats… Anything to do about that?

Sorry about the last reply, but unfortunately there’s nothing you can do about that. If you keep separate computer profiles and pulse regularly, you won’t run into token problems.

I have the same kind of problem, but only with up- and downloads. Just one of my two laptops pulses up/download. The other one just clicks and pulses.

Hi Marco,

It’s very unlikely that these are the same problems, as you say you’re able to pulse. If you’re having trouble pulsing bandwidth, you need to install WinPcap. Check here: http://whatpulse.org/kb/content/2/51/en/network-traffic-not-pulsing.html