[SOLVED] "Qt5Widgets.dll" is "missing from my computer"

Hi there! I’ve been having some problems recently with Whatpulse since around version 2.4 (ish?), and am currently running 2.5.

I’ve enabled “Launch when computer starts”–however, when I start up my computer, Whatpulse tells me that it can’t start because “Qt5Widgets.dll is missing from my computer”, and that I should try to reinstall the program in order to fix this. I’ve reinstalled the program two times now, but this doesn’t seem to do anything. I’ve also checked the folder to confirm, and Qt5Widgets.dll isn’t actually missing.
(I’m also running Whatpulse as an administrator.)

Any help would be appreciated; I keep forgetting to manually start Whatpulse after closing the notification so a lot of my clicks and keys aren’t being counted. Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


Could you check if you don’t have another whatpulse.exe somewhere which is the one starting up at boot? Task manager → Startup tab → Right click WhatPulse and open the file location, see if that’s the same as your installation directory.

I haven’t seen Windows just ignore the existence of dll files, so I’m hoping it’s trying to start something else. :wink:

That was part of the problem! I’ve removed the second Whatpulse (not sure why it was there in the first place!). However, I still have to manually start Whatpulse even though I have “launch when computer starts enabled”. D:

Re-enable the startup setting, or create a startup config manually in Windows.