[SOLVED] Pulse throttled when changing timezones

Hi, so basically my problem is that I can’t pulse. I’ll explain, for some reason I changed my PC’s timezone settings for a few days, and the auto-pulses every hour that I set up happened like they were meant to, however, when I went back on my usual timezone which is a few hours late on the timezone I selected for a few days, it tried pulsing, but instead said:

After waiting 10 seconds and doing it myself again, the same error appeared, but the negative amount of seconds got from -45431 to say -45356 seconds.

I’m on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit and the latest version of WhatPulse. I guess I’ll have to wait for the 45k seconds to pass before pulsing again, but honestly you’d expect it to ignore timezones entirely and base itself on the server’s time not on each clients’ time…

It should actually conform to your local timezone. I’ll investigate on why it does not.

Either way, simply restarting the client will fix it. That throttle is in place to stop the client from bombarding the website. So basing that on the website time defeats that point.