[SOLVED] Profile ranking stats inconsistent with the leaderboard

On my profile page, under the “Rankings” section, some of those values are inconsistent with the ones on the actual leaderboard page. I’m ranked 80th on the leaderboard for keys and 101st on the leaderboard for clicks, but my profile page displays 79th and 100th, respectively. Since the values on my profile are actually better than the ones on the leaderboard, it’s not even that it’s just updating slowly; something is definitely bugged.

I checked a few other top users to see if this issue was occurring elsewhere: Staiain is rank 2 on the leaderboard and rank 3 on his page, sellyme is rank 3 on the leaderboard but rank 4 on his page. Here the opposite problem occurs, the profile page is one lower than the one on the leaderboard. saCOOL is rank 4 on the leaderboard, but when clicking on his page his account no longer exists (should probably be removed from the leaderboard then). I figured this may be what’s causing my rank to be one lower on the leaderboard, but rank 5 (RagnaParadise) and rank 6 (Orfus) are displaying correctly.

I think the reason for Staiain and sellyme being incorrect is because saCOOL may have been higher than them when his account was deleted and is still being treated as second place. It seems that on both the keys and clicks leaderboards, rank 35 is duplicated with rank 36, so everyone past that point is one place lower on the leaderboard than they should be.

Hi Mevious,

You’re right and I figured out why; the staff being able to suspend users is a pretty new functionality and it looks like the code that’s supposed to exclude those users from the ranking numbers doesn’t really work. This has just been fixed and will take effect somewhere later today.

Thanks for reporting!