[SOLVED] [postmortem] Pulse error: "The specified configuration cannot be used."

OS X 10.10.5, WhatPulse 2.7.1

Was working fine until a few hours ago, when an automatic pulse failed. I didn’t think anything of it at the time, but now when I try to manually pulse to get the auto-pulses working again all I get is the attached error dialog, which reads:

“Error while talking to website: The specified configuration cannot be used.”

Please tell me there is a way to fix this without resetting my local stats. I’ve already lost my local stats about 3-4 times this year, and it’s only July.

Edit: Restarting the WhatPulse client a couple times did it. Very strange. I hope there’s some potential bugfixing to be done here, but I don’t think there are logs I can pull any more.

This seems to be a Qt (the framework the client is written in) message and is about the network plugin not finding the correct network configuration to use when your OS X computer has been roaming between different WLAN and/or LAN networks…The solution here is indeed to restart the client so it can get the proper network configuration.

The next version of the client will have a newer version of Qt which should solve that issue.

Are we talking about 2.8? Since posting this thread I have started plugging the machine in at my desk and only using wireless when away from it, and this issue means I either have to restart the client after every change or remember to manually pulse when I get back to the desk and plug in the network to unbreak the automatic pulsing.

[quote=“dgw, post:3, topic:15014”]
Are we talking about 2.8? [/quote]

Yep, which should be out soon-ish. It’s being delayed because I’m setting up an automatic deployment process, which will make releasing new versions a lot easier&faster for me. Should see an uptick in releases after 2.8. At least, that’s the plan. :wink:

Sounds like a good plan! :wink: I’ll look forward to it. Thanks for confirming that the fix is coming soon(-ish)!