[SOLVED] OS X no longer starts, crashes on startup

Every time I try to startup the whatpulse app now it instantly crashes. I’ve attached the crash details for anyone to give me some ideas on what may be wrong.


Can you upload the file network-ports.csv from your data directory (http://help.whatpulse.org/kb/client/data-files) somewhere for me? After doing that delete it and start the client again. The file has been corrupted during download. I’d like to take a look to prevent the client crashing.

I’ve been seeing these a bit too much lately, time for a fix…

so looking at the file you mentioned, it had a login error from the proxy server my work uses. by deleting that file while I was not at work I was able to startup whatpulse successfully. however I have a new issue now. I have a ton of unpulsed data, but when having all the issues I reset my password. now when I try and pulse it says invalid password. But I don’t see how to login again. and the logout button says I will lose all my unpulsed data.

i’d really prefer not to lose the 480k keys and 215k clicks.

You can do two things;

  • Change your password back to the old one on the website and continue pulsing,
  • Logout and login again, if you use exactly the same username and computer name, the client will not reset your unpulsed stats.