[SOLVED] Network traffic doesn't show up in unpulsed

I’ve got problem with network traffic. I’ve got WhatPulse version 2.62 and WinPcap version 4.1.3 installed. My download and upload stats don’t show up in unpulsed. Client counts them and adds to daily/total stats, but it doesn’t add them to unpulsed. Reinstall of WhatPulse helps but after reset this problem comes back. I attach 2 screens with network stats (it’s been 4 days since i pulsed last time, so I should have at least 12GB in unpulsed).
My OS: Windows 7 x86


The screenshots contain a fair bit of unpulsed traffic, so here are some pointers…The client does not count internal traffic to the unpulsed totals: http://help.whatpulse.org/kb/website/what-network-traffic-stats-are-counted-on-the-website

Also, some network cards do offloading of network traffic which makes it a bit less accurate. You can turn that off on most cards.

I’ve got only one computer connected to internet so it was only internet traffic, not internal. I was downloading files via my browser from a few hosting sites and WhatPulse wasn’t counting. Yesterday I was downloading by the same way and WhatPulse was counting properly (I didin’t have to reinstall WhatPulse). So since yesterday counting internet traffic works fine.