[SOLVED] Linux installation


I wish to have WhatPulse on one of my boxes, but I’m kind of fuzzy on how to do that. I installed the required packages but I wish to put whatpulse itself on the machine. It should load on startup of the machine.

The box is currently running 14.04.01 LTS GNU/Linux 3.13.0-24-generic i686

So, I checked all the required stuff and wish to run it to see if it actually works. I’ve put it in my home directory. When I run it I get the following message.

poser@desktop:~/Downloads$ ./whatpulse
whatpulse: cannot connect to X server

It doesn’t matter if I run it as root or as a normal user.

Are you running a window manager? This is required.

No I’m not running a window manager. Isn’t there a way to bypass it? I don’t really need it on that box. It’s a very slow Atom box and X takes up resources.

No, there is not. WhatPulse is a desktop application, desktops have graphical interfaces. :slight_smile:

it’s graphical, it has text and colors :stuck_out_tongue:

But ok, I get the point. Still need to get it working somehow. Need to get my bandwidth stats up

Unfortunately I wasn’t kidding with the ‘No, there is not’ - there’s no way to get it running within having a Xserver running. The client uses it to get critical information to allow itself to collect statistics.

Also, if you want to run the client on it to get your bandwidth stats up, it’s most likely a server; servers are not supported/allowed.

it’s a small desktop I have sitting on my desk that I use mostly for chatting on IRC and some downloads in the background. And an Atom processor in a server wouldn’t be that helpful. I just changed the grub back to quiet splash, did a reboot and it started X. It’s already working but the pc is very slow. Need to get a new one some time soon. First generation Atom from 2008. 80 watt PSU is overkill for it :). It’s just that every byte counts if you wish to get higher up the ranks :stuck_out_tongue: