[SOLVED] Linux 2.4.1 critical CPU usage+temp when no network connection


I’m a bit late upgrading to 2.5, where this issue isn’t reproduced. It seems this version has been out for some months now, but I’m posting this in case someone runs into the same problem and didn’t think to upgrade, or in case some conditions in 2.5 can cause the same behavior. I don’t see anything about this in the new version blog posts, so maybe there’s still some chance it could cause a problem.

When WhatPulse 2.4.1 is configured to collect network stats and there is no network connection, it immediately pegs a CPU core and causes the temperature to climb to critical levels. In the video, my uptime is 9 minutes because I didn’t notice and the temp climbed until my laptop powered off.

I start WhatPulse a couple of times with a connection to show normal behavior. Then I down the network interface and start WhatPulse again to show the problem. You can see CPU % and temp (which climbed to 80C before I killed WP) at the bottom of the screen, and more resource monitoring at the top.

Good to see that it’s not reproducible in 2.5. There have not been able direct changes to the Linux networking no, but it was compiled on a newer version of Linux, so that might have been related to this being fixed in 2.5.

Thanks for the info!