[SOLVED] Large amount of RAM being used

Quick question for other people using this software… How much RAM does your whatpulse use on average?
I noticed that my WhatPulse is almost constantly using 250mb of ram, which seems like a lot to me given what the program does.

I think one the reasons this is happening is because I’ve kept the same “whatpulse.db.backup” and “whatpulse.db” file for the past many computer reformats so I don’t lose the local stats of my computer. (Which it would be really nice if these could be backed up to a cloud).

These two files are both 194mb which also seems like a lot, and I think that could be the reason why.

Again, I’m sure if I was willing to delete these files and restart my client (which would reset my local stats) it would fix the issue, but I’m not willing to do this.
I have over 8gb of ram in my computer, so 250mb isn’t very much.

Try closing the gui, it makes mine only use 5MB. Instead of 130MB.

You mean just run it in the background? That’s what I’ve been doing. I think… It doesn’t show up in the taskbar, it’s in the notification area or whatever it’s called.


Yeah, it’s still using 250mb of ram. Regardless of when it’s open or running in the background. (although it uses slightly more ram when it’s open than when it’s running in the background)

It rarely goes above 150mb for me with GUI open. Runs in background with 60mb or less.

The size of the database makes no difference.

I’m using 360MB of RAM… I’ve had another thread open for a good part of a year now, but no response… Image of task manager http://gyazo.com/4e72a5fa394505b2bbad99ccb54954ef

This is with it running in the background. Opening and closing the GUI resets it to 3MB, but then it quickly climbs to 300 after 5 mins.

With the GUI open for one full day and it climbs to ~35MB and sits stable.

Using Latest Version of WhatPulse (2.4) on Windows 7 64Bit
Way better than Google Chrome which usually gets up to 3GB+

I use 40MB with the GUI open, 5MB when I close the GUI, but climbs to 28MB and stays there (3 days like this)

Your comment about opening and closing the GUI got me thinking and tinkering a bit…would you mind running 2.4.1b1 for a bit and seeing how it behaves when it comes to your memory usage?


I appreciate the interest in fixing this “issue”. However, when I try to install 2.4.1b1, I get a “QtWebKit4.dll” error. Most of the time I encounter .dll errors, they are because of C++ frameworks or Directx not being installed. I’m not sure what could be causing this .dll error, however, considering that previous versions work just fine for me.
I have also tried compatibility mode, which did not help, either.
Could this possibly be an issue with my computer, or from the program’s end?

Currently using an intel i7-2600, x64, Windows 7 Ultimate
Not sure if there are other specs that would help.

I’m sorry, should have specified: the download is the client, not an installer. You can just drop it in your current installation directory (c:\program files\whatpulse) and run it instead of the your current whatpulse.exe. That way you won’t loose your current client version.

Got it.
So here are some RAM statistics I’ve been trying to get.

With version 2.4.1b1:
(this is with my 200mb database file)
first minute - 5mb
6 minutes - 7.6mb
open gui - 169mb
close gui - 5mb

(this is after deleting my database file)
first minute - (600kb -2.5mb)
after 10+ minutes - 2.5mb
open gui - 11.9mb
close gui - 3mb

With version 2.4:
(this is with my 200mb database file)
first minute - 5mb
6 minutes - 269mb (with closed gui)
open gui - 270mb
closed gui - 5mb
after 2 minutes 30 seconds it climbs and stays at 267mb

(after deleting my database file)
first minute - 5mb
6 minutes - 6mb
open gui - 12mb
closed gui 3mb
stays at 5mb with gui closed

EDIT: I read in a different article that it was stated there were going to be an option to “prune” the database file down from a 200mb file to 20mb file, so I think that will greatly help the issue.

The 2.4.1b1 already does that, so you can leave your 200MB database in place, run it for about 24 hours - it will have pruned the database by then. The actual resizing the database file happens upon the exit of the client, so you will need to restart it to have effect.

But it’s good to know it actually is the database size in your case…I’ll see if I can get any deeper on the database end, as it’s third party code at the moment.

Actually looking forward to @dullahan8 's response, as he mentioned closing the window helps his case.