[SOLVED] Keyboard Heatmap not showing stats

hi guys,

i noticed yesterday that my keyboard heatmaps are not showing the clicks and percentage when i rest my mouse on the key i want to see the stats.
it used to show normally, but no key is showing now… :confused:

another thing not related especifically to the thread subject: the heatmap doesnt show the number keys i press on the side buttons. only the keys above the letters are shown .the total keys still count , but not on the heatmap


Mind giving us the information listed in the pinned posts “READ FIRST” ?

sorry man , my bad :frowning:

somehow it has fixed itself one day after i created the thread.
but the problem with the numeric keypad still occurs, is there any way to fix it

latest version of wp,win7 64, administrator, was using kapersky anti virus

The heat-map is currently static, so it doesn’t look exactly like your keyboard. It’s not weird/wrong that it’s not showing the numpad.