[SOLVED] Key "9" not showing frequency on heatmap

Seems this person [whatpulse.org/forums/showthread.php?tid=2972] has a similar problem for the letter Q!
My keyboard layout is English (USA) – so it’s exactly the same as the heatmap image.

  1. Which version of WhatPulse are you running?

  2. What Operating System are you using?
    OS X 10.8.4

  3. If you are using version 1.6 or higher, are you logged into an administrator account on Windows so that WhatPulse can access Windows correctly?
    It is a Mac, but yes, it is an admin account.

  4. What error messages are you receiving (if applicable)?
    none; but the problem is the following:
    my Keyboard Heatmap shows the keystroke frequencies for each key – as it should – for example 1714x when I hover over “Space”. But for “9”, it doesn’t. It just stays at 0x (0.0%). The client does recognize that I am pressing the button (when I’m pressing 9, the total unpulsed keycount goes up), though, it’s just not telling the image to update.
    As you can see, this has been happening for a while.

It’s not a program-breaking bug, but still pretty random and I’d like to know why this is happening.

  1. What programs were you running when the issue happened?
    happens always, doesn’t matter if I’m running any programs or not.

I have been having this problem as well.

I believe I am also experiencing this issue. MacBook Pro Early 2011, OS X 10.7.5, WhatPulse 2.2.1.

Interestingly, it is also the 9 key that I noticed.

This will be fixed in the next version. It this will also affect the ~ and capslock key.

What about the enter key? It hasn’t been sowing on my heatmap since 2.2.1.

This thread is about OS X, not Windows. Please see the other thread about the enter key.