[SOLVED] Geek Window not Updating in Real Time

I just installed Whatpulse just so I can see some ‘fun facts’ about my computer usage, but there’s one thing about the application that’s bothering me – the Geek Window only updates every time the application pulses. I have read that some people have it update every second, and that would be fine for me. Is there a way to change this so that I can get about the same update time?


The only part that updates on pulse time is the total statistics, as there is no way for the client to know if you have other computers generating statistics and pulsing.

If you add the current statistics (as the default of the Geek Window is) to the window, those will update real-time.

It would be nice to be able to do something like %TotalKeys%+%LocalKeys% in order to have realtime total keys, even if it isn’t accurate in all cases. Not everyone has multiple computers pulsing stats at the same time.

That would give the impression that it’ll be accurate and updating in realtime, which would be more confusing then leaving it to update during pulse time. Also, 85% of the users have more then 1 computer, so it’s pretty easy to say that the majority does have multiple computers. :wink: