[SOLVED] Cleanup Required During Every Launch

I’m running 2.4.1 on Win7 x64 as a non-admin. Whenever WhatPulse is launched, either automatically at boot time or manually I get the same message I got after upgrading from 2.2:
“Cleanup Required - I have detected a required cleanup after your update of just now. For the sake of cleanliness, I will run the cleanup program (whatpulse-after-update.exe) before loading. You might get a permission authorization request.”

This is followed by a UAC prompt for which I enter my admin creds in and WhatPulse starts.

Is there anything I should try to fix this or resort to reinstalling first?

If it keeps going every time you start the client, for some reason the client can’t remove the whatpulse-after-update.exe file, maybe because of permissions. Remove that file manually and you’re good.

Thanks smitmartijn,
Having a deeper look the deletion of the whatpulse-after-update.exe file is attempted by the whatpulse.exe process which is also running as non-admin. I started up whatpulse with admin rights and the file got deleted automatically.

You could, for example, implement a fix by having whatpulse-after-update.exe self-delete using the admin privs from the UAC prompt. I’m sure I’m not the only whatpulse user that doesn’t run on a full admin account by default.