[SOLVED] Center-screen clicks

I’ve run into a bit of a disappointing problem. I play a lot of games on my PC, some of which are very-clicky kinds of games (Vindictus, FPS games, etc), and most of them lock the mouse to the center of the screen. To my dismay, after a few days of playing one of these games, looking at my mouseheat input there’s a solid very red circle in the center and it’s kinda thrown off all my other clicks.

Is there any remedy for this? Or do I just have to remember to close down the pulse software before running these games?

picture linked below is my all-time heatmap

Not sure how you would get around this as that is how games usually operate when they go into full screen. It happens sometimes to me when I do full screen videos and applications too.

is it perhaps possible then for when an application is added to the ignore list, you can choose to have click location ignored? It can still count the number of clicks or key pressed, I just don’t want the clicks showing up on the heat map.

But ignoring the location would ruin the statistics. The count and heatmap are tied together and show you the correct usage of your mouse…

I’m actually thinking of ignoring the dead center of screens, mostly because of this fact that games are pretty dominant when it comes to input. I haven’t found a game that I can use myself to check for a solution, neither has it been top priority…but I’ll get around to it.