[SOLVED] Cant Pulse

Trying to pulse but it throws up this error “Wrong Token. Did you use this profile on another computer?” Btw I have two more computers on the same Whatpulse Account. What can I do now? I dont want to lose my stats http://whatpulse.org/forums/images/smilies/huh.gif

There was a service interruption a few days ago. You’ll have to reset your token in the Overview tab.

Unfortunately this will lose your current unpulsed stats though :frowning:

will it erase my local stats too?

You will lose everything that is “unpulsed”. :frowning:

But your local totals won’t reset. So if you have say, 100GB downloaded on that PC since you first began using WhatPulse, that figure won’t reset.

just got wondered why my stats haven’t updated last week… OMG, over 7 days of unpulsed data and “Wrong token” on every PC… ((

the client software is still looks unable to handle server issues, hope it could be fixed in future

1TB of upload goes nowhere…

update: token error only on Win7 machines, XP client have pulsed all 7 days manually without a problem

It is able to handle server outages, as you would just get a “timed out” or “refused” - the problem was that there was a database corruption which caused some of the tokens to reset, which is why some people needed to reset their token. Reset is and be done with it, this doesn’t happen a lot. Actually, this is the first time and hopefully last time. :wink: