[SOLVED] Can't Pulse "Wrong Password! Try Again"

It’s been 2 days, 11 hours (uptime) since my last pulse. On my Account page it shows all of my correct information, and login name. However, when I click “Pulse!” it just gives me a warning message “Wrong Password! Try Again”. I haven’t changed my password, and I know it is correct as I just logged in to post this.

I don’t want to log in and out, because I will lose all my stats. Is there a way to fix this without losing my unpulsed stats

Macbook Pro (Mid 2012)

Well, something changed…either your password on the website or your password in the client. You can simply change your password in the client without logging out or anything destructive. Reset it there and continue pulsing.

Awwwwww. I thought that meant change account password, so I hadn’t tried to click it. I already logged in and out, so all my stats were lost :frowning:

Tip: the client doesn’t do anything destructive without asking you before doing so. :wink: