[SOLVED] Bought 5 Months of Premium... no Email after


I bought the premium plan for 5 months with Prepaid paypal but i didn’t got any notice that i got it… Paypal said it’s paid but Whatpulse didn’t gave me a respond…

Does it take a little time or is it an error?

Hope you can help me! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the fast help! :slight_smile: Let’s try the new functions :slight_smile:

Sorry for bother you again… but strange things are happening ^^ In the client (After restarts and relogs) it still says Premium: No and the Premium Tab on the Website is saying:

Your premium account is valid until 2014-03-01, after that your premium membership will be disabled. So be sure you renew your membership before 2014-03-01.

So can you help me again :smiley:


Unfortunately, it’s an error. PayPal told our system that it was an invalid transaction…while the PayPal website clearly says it’s a success. Don’t see PayPal error often, so I’m going to chalk that one up to a one-time deal…

In the mean time I’ve manually credited your account. The only thing I can’t send manually is the welcome email…so welcome! :wink:

One thing I forgot to mention (which the welcome email actually does), is that you can use the “Refresh Status” button in your “Account” tab to activate it manually, otherwise it will take a day or so to activate in your client.