[SOLVED] Application isn't logging the "-" key since the update.

After it was updated it no longer keeps track of the “-” key, but all the others still work properly.

I’m currently using the colemak layout on my computer so the caps lock key isn’t bound to a key, but the “-” key doesn’t show up in this. It doesn’t really matter what layout I have it set to it doesn’t show up in qwerty either.

Most likely there’s something blocking the client from receiving the key, if it’s just a single key. Look at antivirus/global key shortcut programs, anything that has control over your input.

I can guarantee it’s not because of the latest update, certainly not just 1 key.

I’m not really sure why it would be like that, but it was only fixed by a computer restart.

I’ve had some programs, like fraps, block a key on the system when it bugs up when recording something, but it would make it so that key wouldn’t work at all on the system, not just having it not show up in WP.