[SOLVED]700mb memory usage

Decided to update Whatpulse to 2.4 and was excited to see that the crashing at the certain time each day had stopped with this update. Realized the next day that whatpulse has been using a crap load of memory. When I open the window it drops to 7k then sky-rockets after a short while.
Is there an actual fix for this or is this just business as usual, because it seems completely unreasonable.

Whatpulse 2.4
OS Windows 7 x64
Always logged into an administrators account.
I use Microsoft Security Essentials, Steam, Battlenet.

Try version 2.4b2

[Relevant] Changes:
Introduce a new memory swiper which makes sure the client does not hang on to unneeded memory (use less memory).


Perfect, seems to have fixed it entirely. Thanks so much, will edit title.

I have had the same problem for months, but updating to the beta client fixed it. Whatpulse used to take over 400mb of memory, but now it’s just barely 4mb.