Small change to webapi

I was playing with the web api in an mIRC script and I can’t figure out a way to tell if the userid that was given is an invalid number

A valid number returns something like this:

An invalid one returns:

So I really don’t know how to tell if there’s an invalid number or not
If you could do something like:

It would make life a lot easier for me.

Now on a related note, there currently doesn’t seem to be a way to get someone’s UserID based on their account name with the WebAPI, a way to either search by AccountName instaed of UserID would be great, or a way to get a UserID by using the AccountName would be sufficient for what I’d like to do.

Any comments/feedback/etc are welcome.

Just use a conditional if to find out if any data was returned after the XML parse. As for searching for userIDs…that’ll be for wasted to help you with.