Skype Error Maybe

Well i have my skype username in the skype custom field on my profile. So that it comes up under my username. But when i go to click it a small menu appears saying that i am offline even though i am? Is this an error, or can i just not see if i am online on skype or not?

You need to go to your Skype settings → Privacy → Allow my online status to be shown on the web

Thanks but i think there is another error, at the moment Skype is turned off, but were the symbol is i get a big error box with a question mark in (depending on safari or chrome) or a X, which moves my posts over the the left more, don’t know if you can see this, wouldn’t it just be good to have the offline symbol.

I see an offline icon like it should. Skype is providing the icon, so we can’t “fix” anything, I think.

Sorry yes your correct, i have just realized this error only appears on my Colleges Macs and Windows PCs, it must be the college blocking the info.