Silent crashes on Mac

Sometimes I decide to check my click count, and then I notice that Whatpulse is not running, and hasn’t been running for the last few days, even if I haven’t rebooted. Upon further inspection, I have found a few crash reports, showing that Whatpulse has been crashing silently, and not restarting itself, losing me thousands of clicks as a result.

I have been deeply dissatisfied with Whatpulse 2.0. It prompts me for me password every other time I open the laptop; the total number of keys and mouseclicks I have ever made is not shown in any part of the app; the keyboard heatmap does not include the command key, despite it being my second most used key; the interface is bloated with features I don’t want; I found it taking up 600 megabytes of RAM at one point.

All this I can cope with, just about. But these silent crashes are beyond a trivial annoyance. They render the app unusable for me. Until I know this problem has been resolved, I am downgrading to 1.2.1.

[]I was running 2.0.4, although I’ve been having the problem since 2.0.0.
]My username is Jynt0.
[]I am running Mac OS 10.6.8 on an x64 processor.
]Not sure if this is relevant, but I am running with administrator privileges (it gives me a password prompt every other time I open the laptop).
[]Like I said earlier, I didn’t get an error message when it crashed. The crash reports are attached below.
]I could make a list of every app I use, but I’ll just list the ones that are always on in the background: BetterTouchTool, BOINC, Dropbox, F.lux, iScrobbler, Itsy, Jumpcut, ScrollReverser, Splashtop Streamer, TextExpander, Time Track Pro, SIMBL Agent, iStat Menus, Wacom pen tablet drivers, Spark Daemon. I’m pretty sure I ran all of these with Whatpulse 1.2.1, and never had a conflict there.

Bump, any advice??

I was having exactly the same problem, however updating to version 2.1b2 (BETA) fixed the problem. You can download the beta from here: