Server is down due to maintenance

Thats the state for a couple of hours now. Affects pushing as well as status updates. Persists after restarting.

The token can not be reset either because of this error message.

Please upgrade your client to the latest version:

Yes, I’m seeing this message too. The problem is that the machine is Windows XP 32 bit and I’m pretty sure that it won’t work with any version after 2.8.1.


Edit…As I thought, throws up an error related to entry point on SetProcessDPIaware related to User32.dll. Shame as this machine has been running on and off since 2007.

Windows XP has been end-of-life for 6 years…It really, really, really should be upgraded or discommissioned, as it’s a walking museum. :-o

Nah, runs Boinc just fine, I’ll wait till it dies.

Thank you! That did the trick.
During installation on mac it showed a certificate error though. Seems to be expired.