Selling my Mechanical Keyboard

My mechnical keyboard was in my bedroom, but the noise keeps my girlfriend awake at night. So I brought it into the office, and it’s too loud for the people sitting around me, so sadly I have no option but to get a new keyboard in. I really do like this board, but it’s better fit for someone who doesn’t mind the noise and has a place for it.

It’s been used for a couple of months, comes with an official Filco wood palm rest designed specifically for the Tenkeyless version, and I have also installed the o-ring mod to make the keys quieter (just not quiet enough)

This keyboard has the brown switches. It’s up on eBay UK. As it’s a bit weighty I don’t want to send abroad, so I will only make this available to UK buyers only. But I have started the eBay auction at 99p, so feel free to grab yourself a bargain. :slight_smile: It’s only up for 24 hours so that I can send it Monday morning as long as the buyer pays over the weekend.

Ebay link:

(Listing is scheduled for 6PM GMT time, so favourite this topic for now and keep posted!)

Let me know if you have any questions about it.