"SaveFile seems to be corrupt"

I cant seem to Pulse, I just get this error puu.sh/1bKXb (<—screenshot)

I’ve only had WhatPulse for 6 weeks and already @ 300k clicks and 700k keys, would be a shame to loose that. Any way to fix this?


The only way to fix that is to reset your account, try to pulse more often.

Thanks for the reply,
Although when I go WhatPulse > Account > Reset token

I get the same error, my save file has been corrupt? :confused:

Deleting the folder in appdata then restarting WhatPulse seemed to have helped.
Thanks. :slight_smile:

Yay! Oh – one more piece of advice – always pulse right before running Windows Update. That’s also been a problem for me in the past.

Seriously? I have 190,655 keys and 613,144 clicks, and 8.31 miles that i need to pulse and I’m getting the same message. Does that mean that none of these won’t count? :’(

Yeah, unfortunately there’s no way to recover them. I recommend pulsing frequently (or just setting an autopulse) so any errors will have minimal affect. Sorry!

Got the same problem “luckilly” only at 25k, but when I want to reset token it gives me the same message about the corrupt SaveFile and won’t reset… Help?

Try logging out of the program from within it. That should close WhatPulse entirely. Then re-open WhatPulse (You’ll have to log in and select a computer again) and you should be able to pulse without difficulty.