Retina menubar icon

The black menubar icon on my retina MacBook (13 inch) looks blurred (is that correct English? No clue, i’m dutch so sorry if im wrong).

Could you guys please make the icon retina ready? it’s pretty ugly… :frowning:

Please use the search function of the forums (or scan the first page, as there’s another retina post 5 threads down of this one) before posting a new thread, thank you.

Apart from that, there’s not much I can do, as it’s a framework thing. The interface itself is scaled, but the icon can’t be. Having said that, I’m on a retina as well and don’t really notice a difference unless I stare at the icon for a few seconds…so stop staring. :slight_smile:

QT 5.1 supports retina resources just fine.

Resources sure, just not the menu bar icon classes.

I’ve never developed anything with QT so I’m probably wrong however, a quick search led me to this I assume you could make a simple if else with the number replied to determine if there is a HiDPI screen involved.

little bump on this issue. It seems that Qt 5.4 has fixed the issue regarding menu icons and ignoring the resolution scale.

Would you (pretty please ) include Qt 5.4 in the next build and make the icon retina ready? It is really annoying to look at a non retina icon in a menu bar full of retina icons.


It does seem like 5.4+ fixes it. I used to see a very tiny difference between the icons and when using Qt 5.4.1, there does not seem to be a difference. Stay tuned.

In the last version the icon somehow got non-retina again.

That would be extremely weird; as the same Qt version and the same images were used. I also tested it on my retina screen and they looked fine. Can you post a screenshot with the client version attached?

Thats strange indeed, it happens on mine but also on my sisters MBPr. Same model MBPr tough but I can’t imagine it’s a model based problem.

@smitmartijn by any chance you got a look at this yet? It’s really ugly the non-retina icon. (see last post’s attachment)