Reseting Preferences

Is it intentional that when you log off whatpulse account on your computer, it resets you preferences and key frequency, or is it just me? It has happened more the once.

I’ve never heard of it and it’s not happened to me. Do you run Whatpulse properly as an administrator and whatnot? Also, what version of WP and OS?


I am an admin, yes.
I’m running the latest version (1.7)
Windows Vista Ultimate
It seems to reset my preferences, my key frequencies, and my current keys.

The only other thing at fault is my miles registering, they don’t seem to register most of the time. I have only found them registering when my geek window in closed, and probably when I am moving the mouse in a flash game. (Can’t be certain though, as they don’t register often. Its just on my laptop too, my home pc is working fine for miles.

Okay. Hopefully bobL can shed some light, because this seems unusual to me?


It’s not just you, I had an orange geek window, logged off, changed computer name, logged in and now it’s back to the default blue.

Any thoughts about this issue?