reset when i log off winddows 8

i’m currently using windows 8 rtm developers evaluation copy, and whatpulse doesn’t seem to working very well.

whenever i log off from windows, whatpulse reset. so everytime i start windows, i have to log in whatpulse account and lose all the keycount from the last session.

i also used whatpulse on windows 8 consumer preview and release preview for a few days, but i don’t think this problem happened on these versions.

No testing has been done with Windows 8 and considering those bastards always change something permission based with file locations where developers can store settings files in major versions, it is most likely that W8 does not like how the client stores it’s information.

Sorry, but if you don’t like re-entering your details every boot, I have to advise you to stop using WhatPulse for now.

well, i guess i have to pulse manually until the thing gets fixed up. thanks for reply. :slight_smile:

same problem here.

strange thing is it was working on the previous windows 8 testing release!

Well… stuff changes between testing releases that could break WhatPulse for you. Another piece of advice I’d give is that you should always pulse before updating your Windows 8 OS. Just in case the update messes something up.