Requesting trial premium membership

The link to request a trial premium membership sends me to a user profile called “my.”

And where can we find that link?

But I still can’t find it on that page! What do I have to do?

The point Alkaon is making is that it isn’t working, you won’t find it on that page because it doesn’t work.

I found it doesn’t work to so still not fixed yet.

You have to log in, THEN navigate to :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I’m logged in, but the link still doesn’t work.

Haha, to clear some stuff up:

To access the Premium page, you hover over ‘My Whatpulse’ at the top of the page > click ‘Premium Services.’

There’s two links:

  1. Request a trial membership of 2 weeks
  2. Subscribe or renew Premium Services

#2 works fine. #1 (what he’s talking about), however, is resolving to the user page for the account “my” (for example, you can edit the URL for my page and get the same results: Basically, it seems the /trial destination wasn’t set up so it’s ignoring that, for some reason ignoring the /premium before it as well, and only resolving to the /my (which a user owns).