Rename error

Hello all,

About two weeks ago I changed my Computer Name from “At home” to “Racebeest”, but since then I wasn’t able to pulse anymore. I tried to chage it back to “At home” but the site gave me an error while choosing that name, due to a space in the name.
When pulsing I get the following error:


Account Hielke or profile At home not found!


Profle At home is safed on my Laptop, and I already have 501,614 keys, 124,726 clicks and 8820 meters. I realy dont want to dont pulse these stats, thats more then 5% of my total.

Please help me, many thanks in advance.


wasted is the only one who can help you here. Also, you can post in your preferred language. We tend to translate one way or another.


Thank you Century0, so I can just post treads in Dutch?
And do you know how often Wasted checks the forums?

~ Hielke

[quote=Hielke]Thank you Century0, so I can just post treads in Dutch?
And do you know how often Wasted checks the forums?

~ Hielke[/quote]

I’m pretty certain that wasted speaks Dutch and he tends to browse over it every few days or so.


Then again, this is an international forum, and communicating in English is both a sign of being a good netizen and increases your chances of someone being able to help you (or at least understand your post and reply).
If you don’t feel that you can express yourself adequately in English, what might be a good idea is to post in two languages – English and your native.

Regarding the topic: Manual intervention is indeed the only way to help you, and I’m not even sure it is possible that way (that depends on whether the server and your client still agree on your current token). It might very well happen that you need to reset your client. Yes, that would mean you can’t pulse those keys. Big deal.

@wasted: we should probably put a big fat warning message onto the computer renaming page: [color=Red]PULSE BEFORE RENAMING![/color]

@jrmk from Cent: or even better…add a confirm page with that in big letters, so we can further weed out the people who don’t read.


Unfortunately I still cannot pulse my local stats. Im over the 800k keys already, tried to search the register for my computer name “At home” (didnt found the result), but its still “At_home” here on the WhatPulse server.
If anyone can change it back to “At home” or let me know how I can change my local computer name in Whatpulse, the problem would be solved.

@jmrk: I changed my computername after pulsing, but found this bug when WhatPulse treid to auto-pulse at 500.000 keys.



On the overview page of the computers, there sits this text:

I renamed your computer back to ‘At home’, but pay attention next time. :wink:


Thank you very much Wasted! Ofcourse I will pay more attention next time, if there even would be a next time. I dont think I would try to do such things again :stuck_out_tongue:
thank you again!