Remember Wakoopa?

Just wondering, but now that Wakoopa went away can something like that be integrated into WhatPulse? I loved Wakoopa and used it along side WP and enjoyed getting the data and usage statistics on my applications. They had a great community and were missed by many.

Is something along those lines in the works? Can it be?

It seems far too intrusive compared to Whatpulse. I would probably quit WP if they added that much

It can be an option, the way network activity is an option right now. Besides, Wakoopa only tracked application usage, not what you were actually doing with the application, ie. it didn’t know you were typing a letter in Word, it just knew that you used word for a total of x-hours and it ran for y-hours in the background as an app you didn’t exit, but weren’t actively using.

At the moment we are still considering if we should include similiar functionality. In any case you would be able to disable those statistics and have the option not to pulse them.

Thank you for the reply. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


Seems that WP 2.0 allready had these features, simply the website is missing them…

Yes and no. There is no way the client could tell the website about the application it sees.

Because of the application support in the uptime/networking features, we got to thinking about applications and how many users certain applications would have. It would be cool to build a database of applications and how many people actually use them.

RIP Wakoopa.

Absolutely. Would love a rebirth of wakoopa. Seeing trends program usage and so on…

hope the dev team decided to integrate such features.
Perfect if you provide an import possibility for the exported wakoopa data.

Possible some of the wakoopa devs will help there fellow-contryman

I love much of what has been done and things that I haven’t come across until the 2.x release. I’m also very happy that Wakoopa-like functions have been added. But too bad that in my case the “Thumbnail Handler Extraction Host” is the most used application, followed by “Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation”, both of which must be background tasks as active time is never. But I love that I can display recently used, or currently running, or all applications. Awesome filtering. Keep going, WhatPulse! You’re doing a great job.

Sure !:slight_smile: