Reinstalling Whatpulse


I reformatted my computer and I am now using another hard drive. Whatpulse shows I have zero keys typed, but I have a lot more on my whatpulse account. Is it possible for my whatpulse to sync with the data from whatpulse account?


The client is your computer overview, your total account overview is on the website. There will be a sneak peek (major stats) in the new client, but the website will still be your starting point for your total statistics.

Thank you, but doesn’t this erase all data apart from keys typed/clicks clicked? The keyboard heatmap loses all data.

I don’t know what you mean, looking at the website or pulsing doesn’t erase all data. Pulsing sends it to the website and clears your unpulsed data, but doesn’t do anything with the keyboard heatmap.

When I reformatted, I lost the keyboard heatmap because the keys stored on my computer were lost. Right now, it says I’ve only used the letter “q” 2 times (now three, lol), ever. The heatmap doesn’t take into account any data from previous pulses. Is there a keyboard heatmap online?

Ah! Unfortunately, the databases are stored in the application support directory in your C:\Users dir. If you did not save that directory, the old database is gone.