Reinstalled Windows, old WP files are safe

Hello WhatPulse community,

I upgraded WINXP to WIN7. I already installed a new version of WhatPulse and remembered I had forgotten to pulse before the upgrade (around 1m keys). However, I have still old files from XP in C:\Windows.old and my old WhatPulse is also there. Is there a way to recover my clicks and keys?

Old version 1.6
Yes I’m logged on admin acc.

You can try to close your current WhatPulse and open the old one, but no promises. I’ve not really tried to do this. Same thing w/ copy and pasting it to your new installation. I’d first back up your WhatPulse.wpw from the old system, of course.


Got it, thanks!

I closed WhatPulse, copied old file

and pasted it into