Referrals are really hard to gain.

This program is really hard to gain referrals for, because everyone thinks its a keylogger, haha.

I need some ideas on how to gain referrals. Im usually good at gaining atleast 100 odd people, but this one is a bloody nightmare.

Out of my three best computing friends i only got one of them to sign up, the other two thought it was a Dodge keylogger program. Same with few Websites i have posted on about it.

Hmm. Managed to get 5 so far. Expected a lot more though. :frowning:

God. My parents and a few friends thought it was a keylogging programme. It’s only because I develop it now that they actually believe otherwise…

People are so naive and paranoid. :frowning:

Its just not just us normal everyday users how have this problem, its even the Admin.

Haha, pretty funny hearing that from BobL I must admit. Ah well, makes me feel a bit better knowing im not the only one.

I will still try and get referrals, but I will never be able to get as many as I should get. I will try real life people a lot more. Easier to convince people who I know in real life, and also they are all from the UK, which means I am helping the UK beat the barstards from Poland who are in our 4th position in the high scores :stuck_out_tongue:

Out of all the countries on the world to be above i think Poland was last on my list :smiley:

I have recruited my Mother and Father (and my cousin, once he gets online) in my years here.

And not for lack of trying.

It’s hard to recruit for WhatPulse, because even once people realize that it’s not a keylogger, I get responses like, “That’s geeky as hell” or “why the fuck should I care?”

I’m glad that WhatPulse fosters a community that values statistics like these, though.

Ah I love it. Ive always been a stats whore and when I found this project I don’t think I slept that night. Just wish I had some ways of bringing more people with the same respect for the project into the community.

Well i posted my banner on a Fourm that has 18000 members, and i am in the top 100 posters, so it gets around alot, and i got nothing.

Try making a new thread and writing out some information about whatpulse, of course somone might see this as spam but if you put it in a “General section” you should be fine?

Also, it means joining a number of communitnies and getting this to fit into them all as they would be different topic based would be difficult. Ive found placing links on my Twitter and so on is quite effective, but thats about it for what I can think of. Was gonna start my own forum based around online statistics software and websites including WhatPulse however I really can’t be arsed for it all as I know it wont go anywhere.

Haha I’m with you there, I sat there amazed. But know nobody else like that, just you guys.