Recording feature

I think it would be cool to have a recording feature on WhatPulse. With this I mean that you could record your stats for over a small period of time, just on top of your normal stats. The advantage would be that you can see how many kps or cps you get when doing a specific activity. For example, if I’m typing text I type differently then when I’m programming or gaming. It would be cool to be able to monitor the differences in stats between these different activities.

You can accomplish something like this already by adding the %LocalKeyRate% and %LocalClickRate% variables to your Geek Window. These variables will show you the current key/click rate since your last pulse. For your usage, you would pulse before switching activities, then use the Geek Window to monitor your current KPS/CPS. You can also do this with download and upload, if you desire (though you can see realtime bandwidth data in the main window already).