Real Time keystroke monitoring?

Hey guys,
I’ve been using Whatpulse for a while now.
Before the Client Version 2.0, it recorded each and every of my keystroke and it was working flawlessly.

But after I used the latest version, it seems that it doesn’t record my strokes accurately anymore.

I type too fast and it’s missing a few of the keys I’ve type.
For example, my current unpulsed keys is 20,925
I’ve gone to and tested my typing speed.
After the test, it showed that I’ve typed 514 keys.
However, on Whatpulse, it seems that the number of keystrokes increased from 20,925 to 20,982 which is not much.

Has anyone experienced this issue? Would love if there’s any way to resolve this as I don’t want to put all of the keys I type to waste.
Thanks a lot for your support.

P.S I use Windows 7