Random crashing when trying to pulse

I think it has started doing this since around the 2.4 version or so, and it’s still happening.
Once every few days (or maybe even more rarely, not sure), Whatpulse tries to autopulse and it crashes. Watchdog doesn’t crash and it keeps trying to reboot it, with no success. Manually rebooting it doesn’t work either. The pulse does go through however. What I have to do to fix it, is cut out the database files, run whatpulse once so it generates new database files, close it, then add the old database files, and it’s back to normal.

Here’s the log, starting 1 hour (1 autopulse) before the crash: http://pastebin.com/KDNEbLf6

The crash happens at “13-12-2014 16:53:26.502 DEBUG Autopulse on uptime: 1”