Radmin 3.0 - not regging keys


I am using WhatPulse 1.5 Beta 1.

When remote controlling my work computer (I do that alot!) it does only reg clicks on the controlled computer but not keys.
On the computer where I am controlling from it regs either keys or clicks.

The remote software I use is:
Radmin 3.0 Remote Control

I loose alot of keys this way, are there a way to fix it? Or am I doomed aslong as I remote? =p

Thanks for cool software :wink:


You are doomed, because think of this way: You would be getting double keys for only hitting it once.


Whatpulse 1.5 only registers proper keyboard keys, as in keys sent from a device connected to the computer, and not a keyboard hooked up to a remote computer that’s connecting in. I think it may be harder to do it with mice (or Wasted doesn’t think click-counting is that big of a problem).

Ofcourse I don’t want it to reg keys and clicks on both computer! :stuck_out_tongue:

It should reg key and clicks on the computer I am remoting from… and not the computer I am remoting too.
Or it doesn’t really matter on what computer it regs it, aslong as it regs it on one of them.

Now it’s only regging clicks and not keys at all.