Quick question regarding the new heatmap

Thanks, you can take that offline.

Is there any update to this? I’m having this problem as well

Seeing as how an admin is responding to this thread, they’re apparently working on a fix (or at least trying to determine what’s causing the issue).

Well at least it’s clear that it is not a problem on our side considering the amount of people having the same issue.
I hope they’ll be able to figure out what the problem is and fix it.

Upgraded to the new version and the only change I noticed was heatmap being completely wiped and stats being utterly wrong:

Yeah, no I don’t, I just typed more than that already.

Keyboard heatmap lost here too. Tried to reset and everyting, nothing helps. Uninstalled, deleted stats and reinstalled. Still no kb heatmap…

same here,

it’s failed to work for both my win7 and mac 10.7 devices

and win7 version is failed to launch the client also, I am trying to reinstall it…

People with no heat-map: don’t reinstall or wipe stats, not necessary. There will be a 2.6.1 very soon that’ll fix it. Stats are still recorded, just not presented.

Very glad to hear this… was checking up to see if a solution had been made. My WP was crashing/failing to start entirely, but I fixed that by manually backing up the .db & .db.backup, doing a re-install & restoring whatpulse.db. The stats seem to be saved; but heatmap still isn’t showing up.

Glad a fix is coming, & very glad to hear the stats are being properly recorded just not displayed! Thank you!

I just updated; and it’s working now! :slight_smile:
I never got the start-up bug so can’t say that’s solved, but heatmap is showing number of clicks now. Big up to WP support and techguys. :slight_smile:

Many thanks for resolving this issue so quickly.