Pulsing without taskbar

My windows taskbar has disappeared. I know whatpulse is still running, but I can’t pulse. I tried running antivirus scans, antispyware scans, the shell registry fix and am now just contemplating a reformat, but I haven’t pulsed in 5 months and have a huge load of keys and clicks. Is there any way to pulse without using the taskbar, or to back up the keys/clicks record, or something?


Make a backup of WhatPulse.wpw (should be in %APPDATA%\WhatPulse), then exit WhatPulse in the task manager.

Go to My Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\WhatPulse\Windows in your registry and look for bUseHotKey and change that to 1. Start WhatPulse again then hit alt+ctrl+p. It’ll pulse your stats then you can do whatever you need to get your computer back up and running. Check on the website that it went through correctly first.

Good luck!

Have you tried restarting explorer via task manager? How about bringing up the taskbar via the windows key?

The keys and clicks are saved every 5 minutes, right? So even if you kill the WhatPulse process or restart the PC, most/all of the keys & clicks will be saved.