Pulsing problems

Hello everybody,

Because want to increase my clicks and keys, i tried to run whatpulse at school (a portable version from portableapps.com), but i was not able to open the main window, because at my school they disabled all the try-icons. With task-manager i figured out that whatpulse.exe was taking more CPU when i typed more, so i am almost sure it was counting my keys. however i could not open the window so i could not pulse (I don’t know why but it was not pulsing automatically :frowning: ). Is there a way to open the main window or to pulse in another way so i can upload my stats, for example by commands? I am not admin at my school so i cannot install anything. All the school computers are running windows XP sp 3.

Thanks in advance, matthieuvb


They disabled tray icons, but not the task manager? :wink:

If you are running the client in portable mode, the database is stored in the same location as the executable (so on your usb drive), so you can take it with you and pulse elsewhere.

So just take the database with you and pulse at home.

Okay thanks a lot! I will try it out as soon as possible. :slight_smile: