Pulse Profiles

So how do I know which profile goes for which computer? Do I just make the profile on the computer that I’m using and WP automatically knows?

No, if you made a profile here:http://whatpulse.org/my/pulse-profiles/
just log in with that profile name and WP knows to pulse the keys to wich profile :slight_smile:

So on PC 1 make a profile called gOOglEy03 (example) and then log in with that profile :), on PC 2 or laptop just make a new profile like gOOglEy03 Laptop and log in with that profile on that pc :slight_smile:

So I guess what confuses me, is the logging into a certain profile. It seems to me that I only log into my account and I have no control over what profile it is that I actually log into. And when I check my stats, they are all pulsed right, but not under my profile. I’m using the stable build, not the Beta. Is there something I am doing wrong?

Edit: Ok so I got the 1.5 Beta 1. Completely understand it all now. Thanx!


Yup, the 1.47 stable build doesn’t have the pulse profiles built in, so that’s where the confusion comes in.