Pulse not sending network data

So, on the latest Linux client, I noticed that it is measuring network activity, but when pulsed it stays at 0kb.

Down and up change on the over view, the Network tab gets updates, but unpulsed is always 0kb, and online stats is not changing.

When playing around with the stats in Geekwindow, LocalDownloaded and LocalUploaded is always 0kb, but TodayDownloaded, TotalDownloaded, etc so actively get updated.

Running Kubuntu 22.04 and Whatpulse 4.0


This is mentioned on the Snap page:

Known limitations:

Not supported in Wayland (yet).
Unpulsed and application traffic is not counted.

Yes it does say this, but this where written all way back when it where a version numbered as 2.*.

You would think that over several years of developing the client, the developers would have fixed so they can count the bandwidth. And as Hellmark says, the client surely does have the possibility to count the bandwidth, it simply just seems as it does not simply want to register the bandwidth, like the zeros under Unpulsed simply is hardcoded, not the results of trying to get a result from querying any form of hardware.

I’m also very tired of waiting for a working client. I have waited all the way back since 2.* to get a working client, because it was my understanding (after e-mailing to the support several times during these years of a not working client (with not working, I’m refering to the upload/download specificly). When I normally used Whatpulse, for me it was always the Download, but specificly the upload that where the part that I thought was the fun part.

But since the developers of Whatpulse obviously has abandoned the Linux users forever, I’m finally giving up on it. I hoped someone out there is developing their own whatpulse server/client that gets known for that ALL the values it tries to get works. Not have some values that does not work for many years.

Since I only use windows, and have for several years back, there is just giving up that is left. Which I’m doing now. Thank you Whatpulse for several wonderful years, I just wish there would be time left that still could be wonderful. Still, thank you one more time for a really fun time with your client. I just hoped that the really fun time would be back since you announced the 4.0 client. But but, you can’t get everything you want.

Best Regards
Henrik Andersson

Hi Henrik,

You’re right, it’s taking a long time. The reason for that is pretty simple, although Linux users won’t like it: considering the low percentage of people that use Linux (3.54%) and the fact that it’s ~10 times harder to deploy a binary application across multiple distributions (and not make only 10-20% of Linux users happy), a solution to getting online network (as you mentioned, offline network works) stats, is very slowly coming along.

Don’t get me wrong, we’re still working on getting a different packaging system in place that allows apps to connect to the system in the way that WhatPulse needs (Snap doesn’t have that capability and it doesn’t look like they’re going to get it neither), but it’s a slow burn giving the number of Linux users (3.54%) and the prioritization of other work.

So, abandoned isn’t the right word, but I can understand you feel that way.