Pulse error

I’m getting the error ‘Server message: Your savefile seems to be corrupt, please reset your local settings’ when I try to pulse.

I don’t want to lose 5 million keys so I took a screenshot and I’m hoping you can manually add the keys to my account.

In the screenshot you can see I’ve got a total of 34.5 million keys and 11.5 million clicks, but the current ones are much lower than what I should have, it seems they got reset when the power went out a few days ago.

Anything someone can do to help?

I logged off and logged back on to reset my local profile and start counting keys again.

You didn’t pulse since '09? :o I pulse a lot! just because early when I started I had those messages. I hope someone from the staff sees this!

Ultimately Shawn, you will have to wait for a reply from wasted, but our policy has traditionally been to not add keys for client issues. We remind you that you need to pulse consistently and not save up keys, as this will prevent issues like this from occurring and any loss will be minor.