Pulse: Error while talking to website

I get the following Error (Screenshot attached).

Pulsing is not possible.

Client is v3.4, Win10-x64 Build 19043.

From the app.log:

02-10-2021 10:31:09.111 DEBUG void __thiscall wHTTP::request(const class QString) The number you are dialing is busy, please try again later.
02-10-2021 10:31:14.088 DEBUG GetModuleFileNameEx failed for processId: 2512 0
02-10-2021 10:31:14.946 WARN void __thiscall ClientCommunication::checkHTTPError(class QString) Error: “Error while talking to website: Error transferring https://client.whatpulse.org/v3.0/ - server replied: Internal Server Error”

I am also having this error when trying to pulse :frowning:

im getting this one and throttle due to activity error from keys/clicks being too high, when they havent changed. for some reason the app isnt resetting unpulsed to 0 when it pulses.